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iOS 12.2 is Available Now with Apple News+ and More

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When Apple says something is “available now,” it doesn’t play around. iOS 12.2 is available on all compatible devices now, and it includes the new News+ service (along with some other stuff).

The company announced its long-rumored News+ service today, which offer access to over 300 magazines and several newspapers for just $9.99 a month for the entire family. News+ is the only service that was announced and is also available today—everything else (Apple Card, TV+, etc.) is coming later this year

That’s arguably not even the most interesting part of the 12.2 changelog, however—that award goes to the inclusion of “AirPower” as a new supported device. It’s been rumored that we should expect to see AirPower hit the scene very soon and this update seems to all but confirm that to be true.

Otherwise, there are four new Animoji (boar, giraffe, owl, and shark), support for HomeKit TVs, Control Center updates, Wallet fixes, and more. Here’s the full changelog, as spotted by AppleInsider:


  • Support For HomeKit TVs
  • “Allow Speaker Access” becomes “Allow Speaker & TV Access” in Home app

Control Center

  • A new responsive AirPlay icon has been added to the music widget in Control Center
  • New animation when jumping to Music from the Control Center widget
  • New Screen Mirroring icon in Control Center
  • New icon for Remote widget in Control Center
  • Remote widget in Control Center was redesigned (to support HomeKit TVs as well as Apple TVs)
  • Remote widget in Control Center is now full screen
  • Skip forward/back have returned while playing content
  • New “Now Playing” UI with new remote buttons


  • App icon from the bottom was removed of third-party cards
  • The ellipses moved from bottom right to top
  • Info ellipsis is solid black now
  • Latest transaction below is in a rounded bubble with icon
  • Tapping the latest transaction takes you to more info-screen
  • Redesigned transaction info screen
  • Card details page was redesigned with the card picture on top and name centered below, blue “info” and “transactions” buttons are black
  • On transactions page, all transactions are in bubble-style grid
  • Now easy tap call and website buttons under Card Info
  • Apple Pay card now has easy add money and transfer to bank buttons instead of just text


  • Safari warns users about websites that don’t support HTTPS
  • Safari search predictions now have arrows to the right
  • Keyboard now has a color picker


  • Motion & Orientation Data toggle is available in Safari settings
  • Under “About”, model name is now listed
  • About section now uses small “s” for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
  • Apple Care purchase option is in Settings, as well as status
  • Can toggle Air Quality Index on/off for Maps


  • Maps now has Air Quality Index rating in the lower corner


  • Apple News has a new icon
  • Apple News comes to Canada
  • “APPLE NEWS” has become an Apple logo followed by “News”

New devices support

  • AirPower support
  • AirPods 2 support


  • New Animoji Characters —giraffe, shark, owl, boar
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